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Investment Process

Investing options

Reward-based crowdfunding


Reward-Based crowdfunding is a method of raising money through small contributions from the crowd in return for a “reward” from the entrepreneurs.

How it works

This option enables entrepreneurs to pre-sell their new product/service to investors/backers from the crowd as a “reward”. The reward is normally delivered after the campaign is completed. Campaigns are listed on our platform, for 1-3 months, during which the entrepreneurs strive to meet their minimum target. If the target is not met, the funds are fully refunded to everyone who contributed.


Reward-based crowdfunding is a great way to support a start-up and try out their product or service, without investing a substantial amount into their campaign.

Equity-based crowdfunding


Equity-based crowdfunding is a method of raising money from the crowd in exchange for shares (i.e. fractional ownership) in the start-up.

How it works

This method of financing makes it easier for investors with various amounts of investment capital to participate in deals which were previously exclusive to Angel investors, Venture Capitalists and high net worth individuals. IDEHHUB offers a transparent model of equity crowdfunding which leverages the active participation of institutional investors. At the same time, fractional ownership enables even those with limited investing capital to source investing opportunities. Investors can invest as an sophisticated investor or non-sophisticated Investor on Idehhub. In order to make large investment, investor must sign-up as an sophisticated investor, and after Idehhub verification they can start investing.


Thorough due diligence
Seasoned entrepreneurs, professionals and industry leaders oversee the sourcing and vetting of deals
Access to quality deals (public & private)
Curated A-Z approach
More sophisticated investment opportunities
Co-investing alongside experienced “Lead Investors” in quality vetted deals
Smaller ticket size
Crowdfunding enables fractional ownership in your favourite company
Diverse portfolio
Pooling of funds both from the crowd and institutional investors enables all parties to diversify their portfolio at a lower cost, and gain exposure to a wide variety of start-ups across different industries

How do I get a return? What do I get when I invest?

Please bear in mind that a start-up or any early-stage business is a risky investment. Risks include illiquidity, lack of dividends, dilution and loss of investment. Investors/backers should only invest an amount they are willing to lose. Investing in shares does not involve regular return on investment, and if a start-up fails, neither the company nor IDEHHUB will pay back the investment amount. IDEHHUB invests substantial time and resources in vetting start-ups, however ultimately, this is a risky asset class and due diligence is every investor’s individual responsibility to assess the risk before making the decision to purchase any shares.

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