Investment for everyone

IDEHHUB helps the crowd and sophisticated investors to get an accurate evaluation of startups and investment opportunities.

Equity crowdfunding: In this type of investment, startups are carefully evaluated and their shares are offered for sale on the platform. Both crowd and sophisticated investors can invest an amount they desire on the campaign and receive the startup’s shares in return

Reward crowdfunding: In this type of investment, the startup is carefully evaluated, and with the assessment of IDEHHUB’s professional team and entrepreneurs, rewards are allocated with different amounts. The type of bonus and how to retrieve it depends entirely on the product or service. A complete description of each campaign is available on the respective campaign’s page.

Good works: Good works follow a donation crowdfunding model, and the cost of the IDEHHUB’s commission is zero. A person who participates in these campaigns does not receive shares and only receives rewards with spiritual value. The goal of good work campaigns is to improve the quality of life of all Iranian.

Marketplace products: In this section, innovative products of Iranian startups are being sold. The purpose of this section is to support start-ups and national production, as well as to facilitate investor access to the products of entrepreneurs.

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