IDEHHUB is a startup consultancy and a prominent investment platform in Iran, focused on leading edge technologies.

Our purpose is to better shape Iran's startup scene through utilising the pool of talent in our country.

Our International team of consultants and developers are working closely together to create a future where Iranian entrepreneurship is more competitive, more transparent and driven by a strong start up culture.

We offer a transparent platform that connects the Iranian ecosystem, and helps innovative ideas take off.

We invite you to actively take part in supporting the products and ideas you would like to see thriving in the Iranian startup scene.

Learn about Iranian startups, their product/service and their story. Ask them questions, try out their products and, you can choose to support their campaign if you like by purchasing their products.

We enable:
  • Startups to improve their businesses, increase their user base and raise capital.
  • Early adopters to explore and fund innovative projects and try new products/services before they go mainstream. There are great perks to funding and buying from our projects, including special pricing and other rewards.
  • Investors to access quality deals with a comprehensive due diligence package and demonstrated traction.

We believe the timing is right, to build up the alternative investment ecosystem

  • The Iranian population is young, educated and urbanized
  • There is an entrepreneurial spirit and a growing startup scene
The Problem:

Lack of structure and culture for startup investing is affecting the quality of deals and bargaining power of startups in the Iranian ecosystem

Our Solution:

A platform to help startups become more competitive and prepared them to raise fund and grow their businesses. IDEHHUB brings together Iranian startups, investors and backers to create a strong community where great ideas are shaped, tested and supported.

Results: Quality ventures that are reflective of Iran’s strong pool of talent.

Key Benefits
  • Startups:
    • Gain a polished business plan and financing strategy
    • Increasing user base and proving traction to potential investors investors
    • Growth capital
  • Investors:
    • Curated A-Z approach to sourcing deals
    • Due diligence based on phases that we believe are critical in success of any startup
    • Experienced international team of consultants and advisers
    • seasoned entrepreneurs, professionals and industry leaders