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IDEHHUB is an‌ investment platform with a focus on leading edge technology.
Our international team of consultants and developers are working closely together to revolutionize the way start-ups raise capital and investors source investment opportunities.
Our mission is to create a future where Iranian entrepreneurship is more competitive, more transparent and driven by a strong start-up culture.

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Why invest through Idehhub?

Idehhub offers investors, both institutional and non-institutional, a transparent platform for investing on start-ups. Investors who are willing to invest larger amounts, can sign-up as an sophisticated investor. Idehhub offers access to data and information on selected start-ups which have been thoroughly analyzed and valued, in order to help investors you make better investment decisions. Idehhub's team supports start-ups throughout their growth into maturity, and ensures that investments contribute to their success.

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فرصت های سرمایه گذاری

Benefits for investors

  • Our experienced team oversees the vetting, analysis and valuation of all start-ups
  • Access to thorough due diligence package and accurate information
  • Opportunity to co-invest alongside sophisticated & lead investors
  • Following your favorite deals
  • Diverse investment opportunities
  • Flexibility to make small or large investments
  • Regular start-up performance updates
  • Additional Benefits for Sophisticated Investors include:
  • Membership in the IDEHHUB Investor Loyalty Club
  • Access to IDEHHUB’s advanced Investment Dashboard
  • Early access to new fundraising campaigns

Investment Process

  • Register
  • Browse and select a campaign
  • Invest
  • Receive regular start-up's update


Why fundraise through Idehhub?

Idehhub offers innovative Iranian start-ups the opportunity and to raise capital, based on their individual business needs. We provide a thorough analysis and valuation to start-ups in order to position them for a successful raise. Using our platform, start-ups can connect with different types of investors and secure the best deal that can add value to their venture. Idehhub continues to support start-up’s after their raise, through growth and future series of fundraising.

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جذب سرمایه برای
تامین مالی جمعی برای استارت

Benefits for start-ups

  • Affordable start-up consulting services to optimize your business model and investor pitch
    • Business Plan
    • Market research and analysis
    • Business and revenue model optimization
    • Financial projections
    • Financing options
    • Valuation
  • Exposure to our growing network of investors
    • Sharing your idea
    • Facilitating the fundraising process
  • Our reward crowdfunding & marketplace solutions help can increase the user base and brand awareness of startups
  • Post-fundraising support to help startups achieve their milestones

Fundraising Process

  • Register
  • Start-up selection and
    assessment by Idehhub
  • Start-up due diligence,
    consulting and valuation
  • Listing and fundraising
  • Post-fundraising services

Some of the start-ups which used Idehhub's services

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